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Operators and drivers information national heavy vehicle. Supplementary work diary record national heavy vehicle. Original to remain in the book national driver work diary daily sheet driver signature. The fmcsa has established rules, known as the hoursofservice hos regulations, regarding how many hours on duty and behind the wheel that interstate commercial drivers can spend each day and 7 or 8 consecutive day period most commercial truck drivers will only be able to be onduty for 14 hours, with a limit of 11 hours driving time within that 14.

There are 10 forms to record your day time driving and 2 forms for your night time driving. For most of australia, including victoria, there is one heavy vehicle national law regulating trucks. Find out the road rules specific to heavy and long. Queensland heavy vehicle drivers handbook 2020 how does this work. You must not drive at a speed greater than the speed shown on the sign. The laws include a national driver work diary, which replaces the previous driver log book. The reforms aim to make nsw roads safer for everyone by improving the behaviour of drivers and encouraging operators to take more responsibility for realistic schedules and vehicle speeds. The heavy vehicle driver handbook is an informative resource addressing the rules and regulations that apply to heavy vehicles, and the obligations of heavy vehicle drivers. The logbook hours of service rules for truck drivers.

The national driver work diary also know as a log book is evidence that a drivers work and rest hours are compliant with the heavy vehicle national law hvnl and that their fatigue is being managed. There are restrictions placed on how long the driver of a commercial or heavy motor vehicle may work before taking rest. As a driver of an emergency vehicle over 12t am i exempt from having to make entrys in a heavy vehicle log bookwork diary. Drivers of fatigueregulated heavy vehicles must complete and carry a national driver work diary if they drive more than 100 kms from their home base. You need to get a log book v5c if the original has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, or you have not received one for your new vehicle. Heavy vehicle speed, chain of responsibility, national driver work diary, safetcam. The heavy vehicle drivers handbook pdf, 4732 kb is an important guide that provides detailed information on what you need to know to operate a heavy vehicle safely in south australia. The information in the beginning of the work diary is a good starting point.

The heavy vehicle driver handbook will help you understand the special rules and regulations that apply to you and your heavy vehicle. There are heavy penalties for breaches of these rules. This rule sets out requirements and standards for heavy vehicle safety. Road rules are different for drivers of heavy vehicles. Ensure that you and your employees are educated on the rules. The heavy vehicles requiring this record keeping are trucks with a gross vehicle mass of more than 12 tons. How to fill in a work diary alltruck driver training. Youll then be issued with a heavy vehicle hvcba learners log book, and the guide to heavy vehicle competency based assessment publication. Based in brisbane, queensland, the national heavy vehicle regulator nhvr is australias first national, independent regulator for all vehicles over 4. This publication must be read in conjunction with the road users handbook and load restraint guide before undertaking a heavy vehicle driver knowledge test. This from a retained firefighter with fire and rescue nsw. The rules you must follow when you are raising funds for a charity.

Heavy vehicle driver handbook roads and maritime services. For more information on this change and other changes to the way were doing business visit our coronavirus covid19 information page. The nhvr will administer a single national system of laws and regulatory framework for heavy vehicles over 4. Information about the heavy vehicle national law for drivers. National heavy vehicle regulator main roads western. Drivers are not allowed to drive or work more than the maximum. It is a useful guide outlining rules and regulations, skills and correct attitude required by professional drivers.

It does this to ensure compliance with the heavy vehicle regulations. This video was put together to help drivers complete their work diary under the heavy vehicle national law hvnl. Every time you drive you must record the details of your journey in the log book pages. The national heavy vehicle inspection manual nhvim has been revised by the national heavy vehicle regulator nhvr as part of its task to develop and introduce a single national approach to ensuring heavy vehicle roadworthiness.

Truck driver log book rules the regulation that seems to give truckles the major concern is defaulting on the prescribed 7 hour continuous rest. Work diary mate work diary, heavy vehicle log book. Heavy vehicles fatigue maximum penalty criminal lawyers. You will need to refer to this handbook, in conjunction with the tasmanian road rules and load restraint guide, if you are taking a heavy vehicle competency test or if you are undertaking a heavy vehicle training course. Permit applications for access to routes outside of western australia and the northern territory will be processed by the nhvr. For certain road conditions, special speed limit signs may be posted for trucks, road trains and buses. If a completed work diary is destroyed, lost or stolen, you must notify the nhvr or service nsw within two business days, and continue to record driving hours on a. This includes any combination of trucks and trailers that exceed 12 tons. Please complete the forms as shown in the sample provided.

Fatigue management general information about the management of the fatigue of heavy vehicle drivers as well as relevant links to the nhvrs webpage and the current legislation. Drivers are not allowed to drive or work more than the maximum work hours or rest less than the minimum rest hours in a certain period set out by law. The truck is for carting machinery around so no we are not 100% aware of the log book rules, hence why im asking the question. Heavy vehicle national law nsw sect 221 definitions for. Before that, each state and territory had their own laws regarding heavy vehicles. The roads and maritime services requires that drivers of heavy vehicles present their vehicles for inspection at heavy vehicle checking stations hvcs throughout nsw. This book, the act heavy vehicle drivers handbook, is an attempt to provide comprehensive information for people with an interest in the heavy vehicle industry.

A register that is kept in writing must be kept in a book, or series of. New south wales has adopted the national heavy vehicle laws which regulate vehicles with a gross vehicle mass over 4. Your progress is recorded in your log book see hvcba learners log book for more information. Heavy vehicle national law nsw no 42a nsw legislation. The law applies not only to drivers, but to all parties involved in the road transport supply chain. The fatigue laws relating to work diaries apply in nsw, queensland, victoria, tasmania, and south australia. The heavy vehicle national law is applied with modifications as a law of nsw by the nsw heavy vehicle adoption of national law act 20. If youre operating in western australia or the northern territory. The consequences of committing a traffic offence while driving a heavy vehicle are often more serious than those that apply to drivers of passenger cars. Commercial motor vehicles or trucks that operate on u. This publication must be read in conjunction with the. A must watch video for all truck drivers who want to learn how to fill in a work diary.

If you are learning, you can start to drive straight away on your current licence, however, you must pass the heavy vehicle road rules knowledge test before booking for a driving test or obtaining a hvcba learners log book. Available to install as an app on your mobile device, work diary mates design is based on the australian national driver work diary for heavy vehicles so you will know how to use it straight away. Heavy vehicle driver fatigue how to use your work diary. The driving companion contains the log book to record your compulsory driving hours. Australias national heavy vehicle logbook laws defined april 09. Within nsw, heavy vehicle drivers must complete a work diary if travelling outside a 100km radius of their base.

Heavy vehicles department of transport and main roads. You will need to refer to this book in conjunction with the drivers handbook if you. Commercial motor vehicle classification gross vehicle weight ratings for trucks. Restricting work time helps reduce the risk of fatigue in drivers of commercial and heavy motor vehicles. Youll find a full list of the priority registration and licensing transactions you can do with us online and over the phone. The heavy vehicle national law 20 hvnl came into effect in new south wales in 2014. Responsible minister minister for transport and roads, jointly with the minister for regional transport and roads. Looking for a record sheet for a truck or taxi driver. Nsw police target heavy vehicle compliance duration.

You are encouraged to park your vehicle on private property subject to da consent or to make alternative arrangements to park in an approved commercial premises. Representing one of the worlds most expansive road networks, we are committed to working cooperatively and productively across all levels of government, to ensure our road network meets the needs of the community, industry and stakeholders. I understand the current rules in relation to 100km from base station etc, but what if. Plan ahead book your inspection early to get a time and location that suits you best. You must sign this sheet before starting a new daily sheet daily sheet is true and correct number plate change and comments e. A guide to your licensing requirements and your obligations as a motor vehicle repairer.

The rules apply to you if you drive or operate a vehicle that. The court looks kindly on those who have done their best to avoid breaches. The nsw minister may also revoke a condition which has been imposed. Find out about the operation of heavy vehicles in queensland, including information on heavy vehicle guidelines, permits and routes. At the end of each section is a summary of the information. Following an increase in heavy vehicle accidents and fatalities in nsw, roads and maritime services has introduced new ways to tackle the issue of speeding heavy vehicles. Truck driver log book rules be vigilant of your continuous rest. If you drive a fatigue regulated heavy vehicle or heavy vehicle combination with a gross vehicle mass over 12,000 kg or a bus with more than 12 adult seats including the drivers, and drive to or though south australia or any australian jurisdiction excluding wa and nt these laws apply to you.

Read it together with the road users handbook and the load restraint guide before taking a heavy vehicle driver knowledge test. It applies to vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of more than 3500kg. Work diary mate is the easiest and most intuitive work diary assistant and log book checker there is. This publication must be read in conjunction with the road users handbook and load restraint guide before undertaking a heavy vehicle driver.

Fatigue management for the driver of heavy emergency. Learning to drive a heavy vehicle in nsw australian. Australias national heavy vehicle logbook laws defined. Heavy vehicle charges are set nationally and are based on the principle that heavy vehicles pay their fair share of road spending. Apply these rules for both foreign and domestic drivers. My licence the driving companion how to use your log book. Learning to drive a heavy vehicle in nsw australian emergency law.

In nsw the maximum speed limit for a vehicle more than 4. The hvis is an annual roadworthiness inspection scheme. Penalties will also apply for offences originating in new south wales and detected in south australia. Heavy vehicle driver handbook 7 1 the heavy vehicle driver handbook is an informative resource addressing the rules and regulations that apply to heavy vehicles and the obligations of heavy vehicle drivers. Nsw will also bring its rules governing the use of portable warning triangles into. All inspections are carried out by roads and maritime services vehicle inspectors.

Vicroads has suspended all light vehicle drive tests and computerbased licence tests. If you have a work diary exemption notice or permit you must carry it in lieu of the work diary. The traffic laws of new south wales pay particular attention to large trucks and other heavy vehicles. Most classes of nsw registered heavy vehicles require a hvis inspection. The heavy vehicle driver handbook is an informative resource addressing the rules and regulations that apply to heavy vehicles and the obligations of heavy vehicle drivers. Stationary rest time is the time a driver spends out of a heavy vehicle or in an approved sleeper berth of a stationary heavy vehicle. Make sure every uber or cab driver use this template for maintaining vehicle record also. Heavy vehicle driver fatigue how to use your work diary may 2012 national model heavy vehicle driver fatigue laws apply to heavy vehicles and combinations with a gvm or gcm over 12 tonnes and buses with more than 12 seats. It is overseen by the national heavy vehicle regulator. The eligibility requirements to apply for a heavy vehicle license are set. City of ryde rangers work in partnership with the roads and maritime service and the nsw police to ensure safety on our roads.

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