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Patent office, published a pamphlet called the colored inventor. A modern mechanical cotton gin was created by american inventor eli whitney in 1793. Too often their accomplishments have gone unrecorded. Smith also spoke of other inventions by black inventors, such as garrett augustus morgan, who patented the traffic light in 1923.

African american history is all the more remarkable considering the obstacles of oppression. Walker, was born into a formerslave family to parents. Charles drew, who revolutionized the preservation and storage of blood plasma, as well as eli whitney, who invented the cotton gin. Whitney should get credit because he pulled together all the ideas. While no blog post could do these ten great inventors justice, i have included a brief synopsis of each inventors accomplishments along with a representative patent. Eli whitney was a slave who spent many hours picking cotton by hand when one day he came up with an idea and he invented the cotton gin. The advances made by african american inventors are often overlooked, despite the profound impacts that they have made across the globe. The cotton gin, patented by americanborn born inventor eli whitney in 1794, revolutionized the cotton industry by greatly speeding up the tedious process of removing seeds and husks from cotton fiber. Lonnie johnson born october 6, 1949 is best known as the inventor of the super soaker water gun. Created equal the lives and ideas of black american. Johnson 1949 he was an engineer for nasa, but johnson may be most famous for inventing the super soaker. After completing his masters degree, he joined the u. This list of african americans inventors and scientists documents many of the africanamericans who have invented a multitude of items or made discoveries in the course of their lives.

After eli whitney unveiled his cotton gin, processing cotton became much easier, resulting in greater availability and cheaper cloth. Everyone knows, or should know, george washington carver developed a product from peanuts and madam c. There are 26 women featured in this book, which spans from some of the earliest inventions to modern times. People are realizing they were incorrectly taught eli. Buy african american inventors black stars by sullivan, otha richard isbn. Despite the hardships suffered through slavery, many african americans have managed to become great inventors, scientists, and thinkers. A cotton gin meaning cotton engine is a machine that quickly and easily separates cotton.

It was there she came up with an idea that would bring more urban residents with limited space into her store. Smithsonian institution press, 1989, chapter three. In honor of this month, i will be talking about inventions that were created by african americans. Suddenly we could turn a profit on this terribly laborintensive crop. A black man invented the cotton gin posted in the africanamerican forum. Graphic american inventors by tracy j garcia paperback. Provides biographical profiles of five african american inventors including lonnie johnson, frederick mckinley jones, marjorie stewart joyner, elijah mccoy, and garrett augustus morgan.

Eli whitney, american inventor, mechanical engineer, and manufacturer, best remembered as the inventor of the cotton gin but most important for developing the concept of mass production of interchangeable parts. Top 10 inventions by africanamericans howstuffworks. The invention of the cotton gin caused a revolution in the production of cotton in the southern united states, and had an enormous impact on the institution of slavery in this country. Eli whitney and the cotton gin 34 formatted like a graphic novel, this book tells. African american inventors list history projects african american history history facts brisket black people interesting facts black is beautiful true quotes. This book explores the lives of five african american inventors. The life and legacy of the american inventor whose cotton gin transformed the. Here is an example of a black man who used his brain and came up with something the world could use. African american inventors by otha richard sullivan. From then until the civil war the slave population. African american inventors list here is a list of inventions created and patented by black inventors. Eli whitney was a slave, writes a contributor to a forum on black issues. Imagine an invention so great that it contributed to a war. Here is a brief overview of the top 10 african inventors.

Name five important black people from history beside rosa parks, mlk jr. Although the farmer and inventor was depicted as a black man to some students, in fact, whitney was a w. Beyond george washington carver, though, many people arent familiar with black inventors. Top 10 african inventors ranking interesting facts about africa. George harriss machine for the cleaning of hemp and eli. There really are good arguments on all sides and these are issues that are still of concern to inventors today. Born december 8, 1765 in massachusetts, whitney was part of a wealthy farming family. After the invention of the cotton gin, the yield of raw cotton doubled each decade after 1800. Alexander miles improved the method of the opening and closing of elevator doors. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. This exhibit catalog is a historical tribute examining over 300 years of african american ingenuity.

To grace the cover of her books paperback edition, angela lakwete chose. As head of detroits program to infuse african american history into the public school curriculum, he instructs teachers on how to incorporate african american scientific history into their classes. Still, these creations are essential to the way that the world has developed. Alexander miles of duluth, minnesota patented an electric elevator u. The life of an african american inventor by wendy towle and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Eli whitney, inventor of the cotton gin, wasnt black. Perhaps most notably, whitney shows up in the lyrics of you must learn by krsone, among a list of other africanamerican inventors and leaders. Similar to todays massive machines, whitneys cotton gin used hooks to draw unprocessed cotton through a smallmesh screen that separated the fiber from seeds and husks. Before the invention of the cotton gin, not only was the raising of cotton very labor intensive, but separating the fiber from the cotton seed itself was even. I remember seeing a him on a poster with great black inventors at my middle school. Below are 10 inventions by african american inventors, listed in chronological order, that have left their mark on history and society. In case its been a few years since you took a us history class, this is eli whitney, the inventor of the cotton gin. By 1860, black slave labor from the american south was providing twothirds of the worlds.

The life and legacy of the american inventor whose cotton gin transformed the antebellum south looks at the life and inventions of one of americas first crucial inventors. African american women scientists and inventors, by otha richard sullivan boys and girls alike will gobble up this book on the african american women scientists and inventors. African american invention and innovation, 16191930. Eli whitney and the cotton gin inventions and discovery. In 1885, sarah goode became the first black woman to receive a u. Walker who developed a lot of hair and hair care products.

Jazz for young people curriculum online produced by jazz at lincoln center, this website is a resource for learning about jazz music and history and is geared toward students of all ages and their teachers. These have ranged from practical everyday devices to applications and scientific discoveries in diverse fields, including physics, biology, math, plus the medical, nuclear and space science. Find biographies of african american inventors by name, by time period, and even by invention. Whitney should get credit because he did the legal work to get the patent. Four black inventors with patents, negro history bulletin 39 1976. Africa is the second most populous continent in the world. However, today we are highlighting only 10 africanamerican inventors who have shifted the fields of science, medicine and technology. Before its invention, separating cotton fibers from its seeds was a laborintensive and unprofitable venture. Thousands of africanamerican inventors have developed various inventions over the years that have greatly impacted culture. People are realizing they were incorrectly taught eli whitney was. This is a list of the ten greatest african american inventors. How important that is for us to get around, he said.

See more ideas about african american inventors, black history facts and african american history. In this article, well consider 10 more notable inventions credited to african american innovators. It has produced some inventors, whose inventions are helping millions worldwide. Hiding the truth of african american greatness is directly linked to the poor ranking that america has in global educational standing. Africanamerican inventors scholastic books for kids. Goode was born into slavery in 1850, and after the civil war, she moved to chicago and opened a furniture store. To create a stronger america, we must refuse to hide the contributions of its founding citizens. List of known africanamerican inventors 18451980 page 1 of 10 the following pages represent a unique and rare collection of africanamerican inventors and their inventions dating from 18451980. Patent law must carefully balance the rights of the inventor to profit from.

See more ideas about inventions, african american inventors and eli whitney. Learn more about his life and significance in this article. Jeffery black inventors in the age of segregation by rayvon fouche black stars. Sarah breedlove, who later became known as madam c. Eli whitneys patent for the cotton gin national archives. Despite the many obstacles that african american inventors have faced, there is a rich and long history of african american inventors. Along with pictures depicting important people, places, and events, you will learn about eli whitney like never before. The cotton gin was not eli whitneys only contribution to the industrial revolution in america. Mysteriously, it seems that a large number of americans believe that the inventor of the cotton gin, eli whitney, was black. Although the farmer and inventor was depicted as a black man to some students, in fact, whitney was a white man.

Generally, editors annotate only whitneys cotton gin, the wellknown antecedent to. It examines the inventions they made and their impact upon our daily lives. List of africanamerican inventors and scientists wikipedia. African american women scientists and inventors by otha richard sullivan.

Jennings became the first african american to receive a patent. Alexander miles did not invent the first elevator, however, his design was very important. Inside this book, you will discover what led to one of americas greatest inventions, what happened after it was invented, and what it was like to be a kid during this period. The cotton gin made the cotton industry of the south explode. Countless african american women have made important contributions to science that impact the way we live, work, and think today. The picture history of great inventors by gilian clements 100 people who changed america by russell freedman american inventors of the 20th century by laura s. Reinforcing her thesis that whitney was just one of several important inventors of the gin. With a growing free black population in northern and border states, 95 percent of the countrys african american population was enslaved in 1820. This list originates almost entirely with some exceptions from the rare list compiled by mr. African american women scientists and inventors introduces you to some of these outstanding women and their achievements. Top 10 african inventors allan mcleod cormack ct scanner this south african physicist was the first to analyze the possibilities of developing a radiological crosssection of a biological system. Meet the black inventors who lived their dreamsfrom the early.

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